Tuesday, October 11, 2011

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Today,utk menghilangkan perasaan kecewa 2 times failed reagent, nak blog pasal anti aging! yuhuuuu. anti aging yawwww.

FYI,for those yg x taola kann..as we grow older, collagen degradation occurs, leading to WRINKLES. kedutan kalo dlm base mesianya....ouhhh. NOOOO!! kalo bahase scientificnye, collagen is the main protein of connective tissue and is responsible for skin firmness, strength, flexibility and moisture. As collagen degrade, skin firmness also decrease and contribute to wrinkles. Therefore, kita harus amek collagen supplement utk maintainkan kefirman & keelastican kulit ini. But remember my fren, it is impossible for ur skin to absorb the collagen from a cream. So, mane2 cream yg ckp ad collagen tu, toksahla nak caye sgt. Mebi ad tp with low % n impossible to be absorb. Dah kalo cantu, mane nak amek collagen ni uolss? Rilex2, we need to study the basic necessity yg build the collagen. Dari situ then kita tao what should we eat n what shud not. X giteww? Pape pon, back to basic.

Pelajaran basic collagen will be continued.. Sila get a brief idea on what collagen is about *poyo* till meet at other posts

nota kaki: i guess ive lost my magic touch on labworking. wuuuu

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